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Our programs.

Formerly reserved for a certain type of clientele, our programs are now accessible to any organization wishing to improve its client approach.

Each program has been designed to optimize results and bequeath simple and concrete tools. 

The primary objective of the programs is to reduce intervention time by using a
canvassof standardized interventions  including set-up meetings, statutory meetings, group workshops, training, interactive games, in short, all of our techniques proven over the past 20 years to produce unique, personalized, usable now documents. 

Our programs include consulting services and various personalized and adapted measurement tools that will allow your company to go further in understanding your customers and communicating your service expectations to your teams._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Programme de service ENIPSO

The different services included
in our programs.


service culture.

Services include: diagnosis, service statement, training, annual survey and mystery shopper.

Develop your customer experience.  

Services included: service audit, customer journey, experience map, experiential discourse, and much more.

Not sure which program to choose? Pass our self-diagnosisfree to guide you.

Subvention Emploi Québec - ENIPSO formation agrée.
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