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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) brings together all the most commonly asked generic questions and offers answers which, we hope, will answer as many of your questions as possible.

We enrich it daily to offer you a wide choice of answers. However, if your question is specific to your case and requires the intervention of an advisor,please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Concretely how does it work? 

You can either:

  • Type your search in the search barwith either a keyword or a short phrase (e.g. "How does a mission go?"). You can then click on the question that interests you to view it.

  • Search through the questions listed.

Sourire d'affaires Femme

The little story of Louise, mystery shopper at ENIPSO

Discover how Louise, as a mystery shopper for ENIPSO, subtly evaluates customer service in a pharmacy. Immerse yourself in her experience where she observes, evaluates and shares her impressions of the quality of service. Find out how this mission not only allows her to get reimbursed for her purchases, but also to be paid for her contribution.


Join the team of ENIPSO'S mystery shoppers to live similar experiences while helping to improve the services offered.

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Femme affaires, à, ordinateur portable
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