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Develop your customer experience.  

A unique program that meets your needs.

All companies would like to be able to anticipate the desires and needs of their customers, and thus offer them exactly what they expect. In reality, this is impossible, because every customer simply does not constantly react logically and rationally, especially when making a purchase.  


Much of the customer experience is emotional. The emotions of your customers have a great influence on their purchasing behavior as well as on their loyalty and recommendation.   


ENIPSO supports you in understanding your consumer's behavior, anticipating it and multiplying it.

Programme expérience client - ENIPSO

Our programs.

Each program has been designed to optimize results and bequeath simple and concrete tools. 

The primary objective of the programs is to reduce intervention time by using astandardized intervention framework  including set-up meetings, statutory meetings, group workshops, training, gamesinteractive, in bref, all of our techniques proven over the past 20 years to produce unique, personalized, usable now documents. 

Our programs include consulting services and various personalized and adapted measurement tools thatwill allow your business to go furtherin understanding your customers and communicating with your teams about your service expectations. 

Qu'avez-vous déjà mis en place?

Nous partons de là où vous en êtes et des outils que vous avez développé pour mener à bien votre projet, vous permettant ainsi de passer à l'action concrètement et efficacement.

elements of this program.

Service Audit.

Independent look at your mastery of the customer experience and analysis of the efficiency of your service processes.

experiential discourse.

Standardization of the ways of saying and acting with personalization of your interventions with your customers and your employees.


Aims to understand where and how to improve satisfaction in order to meet the expectations of your customers.

Customer journey.

Analyzing touchpoints in your journey to identify obstacles and opportunities in your service.

Interactive workshop.

Adoption of a complete, individual and collective learning process through group and team activities.

Listener visits.

Validation of the application of working methods and important standards of your service delivery.

Experience card.

Documentation of the behaviors of your customers who interact with your products and services. 


Conference to help you develop your reflexes and those of your teams on the key elements of a relationship focused on people.


Comparison of your service with competitors in your industry to identify opportunities for improvement.

​ Are you ready to go further?

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