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Customer journey.

A simple tool to take your customer experience to the next level.

The customer journey allows you to dissect what the customer experiences in your organization. It offers a detailed aerial view of the customer experience helping the organization to visualize the points of impact or obstacles in the journey and thus better control to offer a proactive service.


The document models the touchpoints of the customer experience, identifies the points of impact and defines the WOW elements to be integrated into the journey to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

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Why invest in our customer journey service?

  • To better understand the customer experience.

  • To guide managers in bagged decision making.

  • To educate your teams to be proactive. 

  • To facilitate the communication of your service expectations.

The process.

Variable duration.


Opening the file.

Implementation meeting, establishment of the implementation schedule and management of the file


Type of clientele.

Definition of personas



Identification of customer/company interactions in a purchasing process - before, during and after


Impact points.

Targeting barriers and service opportunities


Customer journey.

Course modeling

Have you downloaded our free tool?

Are you still hesitating? No problem!


Get started by downloading our free customer journey guide. In addition to having access to our tips and advice, you will get an animation guide with instructions. 

​ Are you ready to go further?

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