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Train less, train better.

Our training and conference service allows you to improve your company's customer service and develop the customer experience.

Interactive trainings

Customer experience conference

Note that ENIPSO is an accredited organization EMPLOI QUÉBEC. 

Laughing During a Meeting

Our interactive trainings.

To energize a group and optimize the development of new reflexes, ENIPSO has developed 3 interactive training courses on a new platform that allows all participants to collaborate directly on easily manipulated, digital tools that can be modified over the course of the training.


The formula used allows you to adopt a complete, individual and collective learning process through group and team activities.


In our online training, the exchange between the trainer, Julie Tremblay and the participants takes place at any point and at any time. The interactivity between theoretical content and activities, offers a succession of small moments which, put end to end, give meaning to the entire 8 or 12 hour training course, encouraging collaboration and reflection.

To learn, participants need to express themselves, share, challenge and brainstorm.


Communication significative avec le client. 

Peaufiner les compétences de communication de vos employés pour transformer chaque échange en une opportunité positive.


Prendre des initiatives pour améliorer l'expérience client. 

Développez des qualités de leadership pour inspirer et motiver les équipes à exceller dans le service client.


Techniques de désescalade en situation difficile. 

Apprenez les stratégies pour résoudre les problèmes efficacement, en transformant les défis en occasions d'améliorer le service.


Saisir les opportunités pour briller dans le changement.

Équipez vos employés pour réussir dans un environnement qui évolue rapidement, en adoptant le changement comme une opportunité d'amélioration.


Reconnaitre et gérer les émotions du client. 

Renforcez la capacité à comprendre et à partager les sentiments des clients pour établir des liens authentiques.


Améliorer sa réactivité client. 

Améliorez l'efficacité personnelle dans la gestion des tâches liées au service client, assurant une attention de qualité à chaque interaction.

Formation interactives

About the trainer.

Julie Tremblay is passionate about approach and customer relations.


A graduate in hotel management techniques, she has worked in various hotel companies and in the convention sector in Quebec City.

Julie is primarily interested in peoplewho delivers the service and which creates the customer experience and faithful to its values, it offers a simple and concrete approach that goes beyond techniques, focusing on interpersonal skills and know-how.

For 20 years, she has worked as a speaker and strategist, raising companies' awareness of the importance of adopting service orientations and placing the customer at the heart of their priorities.

Formatrice agrée Emploi Québec.

Conference on customer experience.


As part of a dynamic and interactive conference, you may be confronted with a sweet reality. 

In a friendly way, Julie presents today's issues for local businesses in terms of customer service for entrepreneurs and managers. She also shares her ideas and launches possible solutions to start or continue your reflection. 

Why Customer Experience?

Trendy or essential?

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